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Make better investment decisions applying scientific solutions!

It doesnt matter if you have a systematic or discretionary approach for investing, our quantitative solutions will help you enhace your style!

With the Right Analytics, Research, Software Toolkits and Workshops, Great Things Can Happen.

Decision-makers often address challenges such as limited and unstructured data, biased market research, specialized financial knowledge and lack of software toolkits to improve their investment process. 

We aim to offer accessible and holistic solutions to
make informed financial decisions,
leveraging cutting-edge technologies and
open-source software.

Our Solutions

The world is going through quick changes on how we interact with technology.

Our solutions help individuals and institutions conduct research to develop scientifically-based scenarios that provide valuable insights for critical decision-making.


Proprietary methodologies and  features:

  • Indexes

  • Factor Models

  • Trading Signals


Quantitative research across regions, asset classes, sectors and companies to discover relevant and actionable ideas.

Blending market, fundamental and alternative data, to gain market intelligence and make accurate predictions.

Software Toolbox

Collection of reusable code to develop and test your trading ideas, scenario analysis or specific financial projects.

These codes are focused to speed up your development time by not having to write code from scratch and to ensure that the code has already been tested and proven to work.


Quant Scientist Program

Custom-fit Workshops:

  • Python Fundamentals

  • Financial Engineering

  • Derivatives

  • Machine Learning in Finance

  • Business Intelligence

Custom Projects

Tailor-made solutions:

  • Business Assessment

  • Data Curation

  • Investment Strategies

  • Backtesting

  • Attribution Analysis

  • Risk Models

  • Asset Liability Management

  • Think Tank Research

  • Interactive Dashboards

Check our Open Research Publications!

Open Ideas for Growth Mexico

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

We work in an open architecture structure that enables teams to collaborate across institutional and national boundaries to propose, develop and implement projects.

The idea behind this concept is to create a space to work with top-tier talent where each participant brings specific skills for accomplishing tasks, sharing knowledge and building a culture of open innovation.

Holistic Solutions


Total Design

Quant Scientist

Check our Training Workshops!

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